uPVC Casing Pipe

uPVC Casing Pipe

uPVC casing is produced with selected PVC compounds in order to provide complete non-corrosive pipes that have exceptional mechanical properties.


- Corrosion Resistance/Durability: It is highly resistant to internal & external corrosion when installed underground or above ground thus gives durability to the products.
- Water Quality: It delivers clean & pure water as it recieves.
- Installation: Cost of installation & time consume is low.
Manufactured from special uPVC compound for extra toughness.
Anti-corrosive. uPVC being is inert to the chemicals found in soil and water.
The casings are produced under strict control of pipe wall thickness and diameter. This ensures thread uniformity and therefore reliability.
Continuous ribs increase permeability by keeping gravel pack away from slot opening.
Chemical rehabilitation possible when chocking occurs due to encrustation.
Horizontal slots enable laminar flow into the well reducing well entrance losses.
Higher permeability reduces draw down and results in saving in pumping energy.
Trapezoidal thread formation provides an easy, perfect and strong joining system which allows joints to be removed and rejoined several times without causing any damage to the thread pitch.
Smooth surface finish reduces hydraulic friction and increases pump efficiency.
Different Slot widths are available to satisfy the requirements of different rock formations.
Very light and easy to handle.
Economical to buy and install.


- Domestic Wells
- Irrigation Wells
- Industrial Wells
- Public Wells

100 113mm 5.0-5.7 -
125 140mm 6.5-7.3 -
150 160mm 7.5-8.5 5.7-6.5
175 200mm 8.8-9.8 7.0-7.8
200 225mm 10.0-11.2 7.6-8.0
250 280mm 12.5-17.0 9.6-11.0